Subject Re: [firebird-support] Users Guide
Author Lester Caine
Paul Vinkenoog wrote:

> Very useful, but the title "Using Firebird" a) already exists (Helen's
> manual on the IBPhoenix CD) and b) suggests that it's a general
> Firebird tutorial or user's guide, which it isn't. At least what I
> understand is that you want to show new users the way to the various
> interfaces and/or frontends that they can use. Maybe something like
> "Interfacing with Firebird" or "Talking to Firebird" would be more
> descriptive.

Like "Talking to Firebird" - I'll switch to that.

> Second: Aaaaargh! You've converted the logo to a palette image,
> causing striping in The Bird. There ought to be a law! :-)

Can't have 'transparent' without 'palette' !
Once I sort out the background colour I'll build one that does not use
'transparent' ;)

Lester Caine
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