Subject Re: [firebird-support] Comparing FB Databases
Author Milan Babuskov
Sérgio Marcelo @ Smace .com . br wrote:
> Is there any open-source application for comparing firebird databases?

There is one which is very good, but it's freeware, not open-source.
It's called DBComparer, you can download it from here:

> I already have it done and working in Pascal, I plan translating it to C++ for compatibility purposes.

Pascal? Delphi?
Prehaps you can start your own project on Why don't you
put it for download somewhere, so people can take a look at it. If it's
really good, perhaps you can join the Firebird project? or at least find
people to help you migrating to C++.

As for the appropriate group for this discussion, I believe
firebird-tools (also at yahoogroups) is the right place.


Milan Babuskov