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We've been running FB for (goodness!) about 3 years now, 2.5 in production (win32 client app.) We
re-used the old novell server when switching to FB. About 6 months into production, it suffered
from some sort of cascade failure -- one SCSI card took out the other, both drives failed ... so we
got a new one (from penguin computing.) Since then (two years ago,) we've had one glitch that took
us down. On some monday, about halfway through the day, it seems like we somehow managed to wind up
with a previous copy of the db running on the production server. It looks like our weekly
backup/restore script 'finished' at the wrong time, or somesuch. We're pretty sure that wasn't FB's
fault, and that only took a few minutes to look into, decide it was 'too bad', and keep going (it
was the latest backup copy anyway, so there was nothing else to do -- other, of course, than making
our scripts a little less prone to error.)

So yeah. I think that comes down to it never being FB's fault. In 3 years. This weekend we'll
upgrade to 1.5.1, so that's also downtime, but scheduled. Only took a few minutes when I did it to
our local webserver: we'd been running it as root, didn't notice the change to a firebird user,
and ... yeah, I spent a few minutes hunting down db files to chown. But now I know.

-Philip (and Paul and Bryan and Ashley and the programmers no longer working with us.)

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Subject: [firebird-support] Down time

> Just out of curiosity, how many of you experience more than
> 10 minutes a week of non-scheduled down time in your Firebird
> applications?
> Regards,
> Ann
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