Subject Re: Firebird over BDE
Author Lou
In the few apps (in the Past) where I have needed BDE access to
Firebird, I have utilized the BDE interface to ODBC and utilized the
EAsysoft driver to do so. I have recently tried the Firebird ODBC
driver and succesfully used it in a situation where BDE was still


- Lou

--- In, Raigo <raigo77@s...> wrote:
> For several reasons, I am moving some big applications from
> 5.6 to Firebird 1.0.3. The Delphi applications use BDE.
> What I have tested, so far works. But I am using Interbase
> My question: is there any known problems in using Firebird over
BDE with
> interbase drivers? is there any BDE drivers for Firebird? or any
> best practices or know-hows?