Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performance Problems
Author Daniel Rail

Just to add to Alexandre's comments.

At July 28, 2004, 13:29, delphic_viper wrote:

> We have firebird installed on a 2000 server. We have been
> having extreme slowness issues and daily "wait transaction deadlock"
> errors.

How often is the transaction committed? Are the transactions started
for a long time?

> Also, over a 48-72 hour peroid of time the .gdb file will
> double in size from ~80 MB to ~160 MB, and will shrink back to the
> normal size of ~80 MB after a backup and restore. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

This is normal. Firebird will use some space for the record versions
until it can garbage collect them. But, it will not reduce the size
of the file. It will mark that space as free space that can be reused.

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