Subject Re: Large Firebird 1.5 database
Author gbehnke2000

i think large is a relatively value. We have 24 Table, one view, 63
triggers and 33 procedures. Is this large ?! I don't know, but i
think is not too large.
But we have a lot of traffic which you hav'nt normaly on other
applications. Some time on the day we store 3-5 documents per second
and all over the day we are storing 6000-7000 documents.


--- In, "Leyne, Sean" <Sean@B...>
> Gerhard,
> > we use FB 1.5.1 Superserver (since two weeks and before Version
> > and Windows 2003 Server....
> I imagine that your db schema has an extensive/large number of
> triggers and procedures, right?
> Sean