Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem with floating point precission
Author kokou Fostin
--- Alejandro <amosteo@...> a écrit : > Hi!
> I'm trying to do some floating point operations in a
> select, but
> there aren't table columns involved (at least not
> for certain
> results).
> Say, for example that I have:
> select 7.0 / 800.0, x.Other_Data
> from A_Table x;
> My first column is returning 0, because only two
> decimals are being
> used and result is below that. I've checked it with
> larger values and
> in fact the maximum precision I get is 0.01
> Is there some parameter or configuration option
> which allows for
> increased precision?
> Thanks in advance!
When i execute your example, I get 0.00875 as result.
Perhaps you need to use CAST(column as Decimal(8,3))

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