Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: No connection on Windows 2000
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:18 AM 28/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> > > What version of Firebird are you talking about?
>FB 1.5
> > > What version of client are you talking about?
>Uses gds32.dll and fbclient as supplied with FB 1.5. But I think it
>is a socket problem, and nothing to do with the FB client. on.

> > > What *model* of Firebird are you talking about? (Classic/SS?) How
>does the
> > service normally start?
>Classic mode. The service normally starts automatically on server
>boot up.

Ah, now all is revealed. "Stopping the Firebird Service" for Classic
actually doesn't stop a server, since there is no server running. Each
client starts its own instance of Classic when it attaches to the first
database. If you shut down the *service*, you're shutting down the whole
listening infrastructure (process, sockets) that provides connection
services to clients.

Of course, shutting down this process while there are client connections is
not going to be kind to anything. And shutting it down doesn't actually
make sense, anyway. What's the objective?

> > > What means are you using, respectively, to stop and restart the
>Using Services to stop and restart the Firebird service.

Now you know, don't do this with Classic. Actually, don't do it with
Superserver, either. For SS, use the Control Panel Applet, or NET STOP and

> > > What kind of user are you when you do this?
>A seriously frustrated one, but maybe that's not what you mean. I am
>using a remote connection over a VPN, logged in directly to the
>server as administrator.

So, perhaps, explaining why you want to shut it down would help to get a
baseline for your problem.

> > > Are you saying that tcp/ip connection stops permanently when you
>do this?
>Yes. I cannot log on to Firebird with anything. If I test the
>socket with the communications diagnostics in IBOConsole, it tells me
>the server actively refused the connection.

Yup. The socket is dead, the ports (3050 and ability to open sockets for
the event port) are inaccessible.

> >
> > Is the port open? Use tvpview or netstat to check this.
>netstat does not list Firebird, although it is running as a service.

When I type
netstat -an
on my Win Classic server host (fluffy, n/w address, I can see
IP address as LISTENING and foreign address
(my main Win32 development machine) with a socket connection ESTABLISHED to There is no client issue there whatsoever: no clients
are connected to the Classic server, nor asking to be.

> > Is there any firewall involved?
>I'm working directly on the server, so I presume not.

Don't rule it out. Make sure your firewall rules allow access to other
network nodes (of which localhost is one).

What's still not clear to me: if you reboot the machine, does
fb_inet_server start up? Can a client connect to it?