Subject Re: No connection on Windows 2000
Author rogervellacott
> > What version of Firebird are you talking about?

FB 1.5

> > What version of client are you talking about?

Uses gds32.dll and fbclient as supplied with FB 1.5. But I think it
is a socket problem, and nothing to do with the FB client.

> > What *model* of Firebird are you talking about? (Classic/SS?) How
does the
> service normally start?

Classic mode. The service normally starts automatically on server
boot up.

> > What means are you using, respectively, to stop and restart the

Using Services to stop and restart the Firebird service.

> > What kind of user are you when you do this?

A seriously frustrated one, but maybe that's not what you mean. I am
using a remote connection over a VPN, logged in directly to the
server as administrator.

> > Are you saying that tcp/ip connection stops permanently when you
do this?

Yes. I cannot log on to Firebird with anything. If I test the
socket with the communications diagnostics in IBOConsole, it tells me
the server actively refused the connection.
> Is the port open? Use tvpview or netstat to check this.

netstat does not list Firebird, although it is running as a service.

> Is there any firewall involved?

I'm working directly on the server, so I presume not.

> Can you connect using telnet 3050 ?

> Regards,
> Steffen