Subject Re: [firebird-support] ISQL -i usage Expected End of Statement, encountered EOF
Author Milan Babuskov
Helen Borrie wrote:
>>C:\fbdata>isql foo2.fdb -i t.sql
>>Expected end of statement, encountered EOF
>>What am I forgetting?
>>Contents of t.sql:
>>C:\fbdata>cat t.sql
>>create table t (i integer, c char(10) );
> "In batch mode" doesn't mean a series of Windows command shell
> commands. It needs to be a proper SQL script, consisting of only legal SQL
> statements. (isql is slightly tolerant of ISQL commands it encounters: it
> will just ignore them; but it doesn't know what to do with a Windows batch
> file!! )
> This would be a legal script:
> connect 'c:\databases\mydb.fdb' user 'sysdba' password 'masterkey';
> create table t (i integer, c char(10));
> commit;

The thing he wrote can actually work if:
- ISC_* user and password env variables are set.
- he is in the directory where database file is (apparently he is)

Not really a recommended way of doing it, but it works:
>>C:\fbdata>isql foo2.fdb -i t.sql


Milan Babuskov