Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird 1.5.1 run on windows2k professional?
Author Lester Caine
liux wrote:

> great! you have amazed me with a great deal of detail explanation. would
> you please to tell me where to get such information? =8-)

You will have to wait for the book ;)
But I don't think even this detail will be there.

> set up tcp/ip? no, i send this mail on the host and apart from this
> firebird problems, anything else seems ok

TRY using ping!
Until we know that you can actually talk locally ...
Sending eMail does not necessarily need the local network working fully,
you are sending via an ISP on a dial up connection? If so, then the
CONNECTION software may well be doing the required network setup.

You still have not explained how you have both server and pro W2k
installed. They would normally use the same set of directories, so I do
not understand what you are trying to do.

ALL my sites use W2k Pro and it is just a matter of setting the NETWORK
up correctly to get it to work.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services