Subject Re: [firebird-support] firebird 1.5.1 run on windows2k professional?
Author liux
I have retry it, the superserver runs as a application is ok. all i said
previously are based on classic server architecture. (run as service
with guardian)

Perhaps I have expressed a vague idea about my network situation. there
is only a host which is a toshiba notebook and i have install a
windows2k professional in it. I installed the classic server and client
tools on the notebook and always asked for connection locally. I have
tried to connect myself via or but none of them

there are still a win2k server installed on the notebook. No problems on

embedded did not be taken into account.

Helen>with Classic you can't use Windows IPC-local.
What's the meaning of it. For the sake of simplicity, I just want to
know whether the classic server can be run on win2k pro because there is
a classic server run on another SMP server. I just want to install a
classic server on my pc for the purpose of test and learn it.(I'm a
beginner of firebird)

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