Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stored Procedure - Request syncronization error
Author Luciano Rodrigues

But I am "the next unfortunate human who has to change it"

I´m just working on write MS-SQL code on Firebird, the problem
is that my "orders" are write it the most likely the original
code... well, not in this case.


Luciano Rodrigues Machado
Programador - Ribeirão Preto-SP

Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> At 01:37 PM 7/23/2004, Luciano Rodrigues wrote:
> >I´m creating a Stored Procedure that has about 980 lines,
> Why?
> One stored procedure can invoke another, just as one
> program routine can call another.
> In 3GL programming, the individual callable pieces are
> subroutines. They make code easier write, understand,
> and debug. Most 21st century programmers use subroutines.
> Look at your stored procedure, break it down into functional
> areas, encapsulate each area as its own procedure. You'll
> be doing yourself, your employer, and your successors a favor.
> The request synchronization error is a bug and should get
> fixed. Bugs get fixed faster when the pieces necessary
> to reproduce them are part of the bug report.
> But do yourself a favor, don't write huge procedures. If
> it's big enough to confuse the compiler, think what it
> will do to the next unfortunate human who has to change it.
> Regards,
> Ann