Subject Re: [firebird-support] Users question
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
bill_zwirs wrote:

>I notice that a single user can have multiple logins (same user name
>and password) to a FB database from different client machines. Is
>there a simple way to prevent this - ie. only one login per user.
>Also, would like to know how to restrict access to FB database to
>specified number of users. Was looking at licensing (IBX components)
>but not sure how this works and if this also can apply to FB.
>thanks in advance
>Bill Zwirs
I think there is no easy way of doing it...

You can create a table that logs the user login/logout and prevent a
user for connectiong twice. But if a client app fails to close it nicely
(crash/reset/whatever) the log table will hold information like the
users still connected. :-(

Take a look on Ivan Prenosil's site, there are some hacks that could be
done on system tables that might be of your interest

I think the security mechanism will be redesigned on upcommings version
of FB, so maybe no great effort will be put on the current
implementation to be considered a Feature Request in the 1.X releases...
just my opnion, and I am not a FB developer.

I was thinking on some ways to achieve a license control to my app... I
sell on per seat base license, so I was think in log MAC Address of
ethernet devices as a way to control how much machines are using my
system, to me does not matter if a user log on diferent machines as the
machines are licensed. Your problem is a bit diferent.

see you !


Alexandre Benson Smith
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