Subject RE: [firebird-support] 1.5.1 - Windows XP - FBServer takes 100% of processor time
Author Pierre Y.
> >> I think the answer is obvious: don't use events or don't reset
> >>your application.
> >
> >I can try to don't reset my app but I really need to use events...
> Could you tell me what you really need events for?

Yes :-) I can.

My application uses 2 events. One to ask every connected application to
shutdown. The other to inform one of the network station to launch a
background process when a record is added or updated in a table. This avoids
spooling the table to start the background process. This also avoids to
developp UDP based messages broadcasting to do these trivial tasks (trivial
is when you have basic messaging framework available like firebird events.)

> >> Another solution: upgrade FB.
> >
> >To what ?
> HEAD. I believe it is stable enough to be used for development.

Can you explain a bit more please, I'm not a firebird core guru... You are
suggesting me to get the sources from CVS and build Firebird by myself ?
Wich compiler should I use, I don't have MS Visual Studio ?

Pierre Y.