Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Comparision
Author Don Gollahon
"Pablo Lerner" <p_lerner@...> wrote in message
> This is not a support question. Some time ago I
> downloadded two PDF's wich
> compared interbase to MySQL and MSSQL. Does anyone
> remember where to get
> them? I also need some info about migrating from MSSQL
> to Firebird. Anyone
> cares to share their experience with me?
> I'm just looking to some info to give to my new boss.
> He may be interested
> in switching from one to the other.
> Thanks all,
> Pablo

Interbase DataPump is freeware and will transfer data from BDE, ODBC, and
IB/Firebird to Firebird. It will create a script of metadata to create a
database with empty tables then you run IBPump to transfer the data.

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