Subject (Fwd) Embedded server, CDROM/read-only database - running fine
Author Helen Borrie
>Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 20:28:55 +0200
>From: "G. Nau" <b404_r66@...>
>Subject: (Fwd) Embedded server, CDROM/read-only database - running fine
>I'm developing an elektronic product catalog based on Delphi7 and a
>Firebird 1.5 database running most Win32 versions. It should be
>distributed as a pure CDROM based application, that means NO installation
>necessary. Just insert the CDROM, run the application on it and voila.
>This is working very well with the embedded Firebird server, but ...
>another option I would like to give to my customers is:
>They should easily give multiple users in their network access to my
>product catalog.
>This should be done without any hassles at all. Simply copy the content of
>the cdrom
>into a network directory and the clients just have to run the application
>That's the problem here: The client is expanding the network mapping (to a
>samba/windows share as well as on a Novell Netware server) and this
>message is popping up:
>"unable to complete network request to host 'SERVERNAME'; failed to
>establish a connection; network name not found".
>So it looks like the checking in the firebird server (no databases on
>network drives allowed!) is hitting here.
>Is there a solution for this problem?
>Any change to get this request fed into the developer toDo list?
>Request: Firebird (server and embedded) should allow databases on network
>drives, as soon as they are in mode "read_only".
>Or are there any technical reason for not allowing that kind of network
>Thanks in advance
> Bernd