Subject RE: [firebird-support] internal gds software consistency check
Author Paul Beach
> > internal gds software consistency check (partner index description not
> > found)

internal gds software consistency check (partner index description not found (175))

This message means that there is no index having that id on the index root page. Each table has an Index Root Tree page that
describes all the indices for that table. For some reason the primary key index still contained a reference to a foreign key index
supporting a foreign key constraint which has already been deleted. The engine should automatically delete all references to the
foreign key when it gets deleted. Perhaps a foreign key was partially created, but there was an error and the index itself was never
created, but a reference to it was created on the primary key index.
You should see this error on only one table. If you can establish which constraint has the error, try dropping it. If you can't drop
it, look in RDB$RELATION_CONSTRAINTS for the names of the indexes that the constraint expects. If one is actually missing, then
recreate it. If the above fails either backup and restore the database in question, which will recreate all the indices in the
database, or drop the indices on the affected table and recreate them.

Paul Beach