Subject RE: Database Page size = WAS RE: [firebird-support] What UDF - Lib to use ?
Author Alan McDonald
> >>But what I just need to know that the BLOB data captured under the 4096
> >>will not be affected by the 1024 settings accessing them ??
> >>
> >>I believe I am worrying to much and that the database has been
> restored ALL through
> >>with the 1024 size . But I need to confirm.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >You are worrying too much - the blobs restored under a page size
> of 1024 will
> >work exactly the same way as when the page size was 4096. My
> comment is that you
> >are likely to find performance better at 4096, than at 1024.
> >
> >
> >
> Is there ever a case for using a higher value? What would be the effect?
> Thanks!
> Jonathan Neve.

there's a little less science and a little more art in that...
try some different sizes... it can depend on how many blobs you have in your
tables sometimes, as to how many pages need to be retrieved to answer your
All my tests of a few different sized (complexity) dbs has proven 4096 for
me - I don;t experiment any longer with it.