Subject Re: [firebird-support] Foreign keys
Author Geert Bevin
> I think Lester has said it - if you're talking "serious", "real" web
> applications, god only knows why you don't have your own server and
> not rely
> on what seems to be a rather pathetic offering from this ISP (one
> database?). Servers are very cheap these days - sub $5000pa to own and
> provide all the bandwidth you'd ever need.

I was not talking about me, I'm talking about people that want to
quickly install small ready-made applications like forums / photo
albums / etc etc

> That said, a new application will require new tables and these will
> likely
> require internal consistency (constraints) within this new batch of
> tables.
> Are you saying this new application will require use of the other
> application's tables but with additional constraints? (which may likely
> demand that the other application(s) receive a total overhaul to
> accommodate
> them?)

No, I'm just saying that when people have only one database or
tablespace available, they are very likely to install several
applications inside the same database by just having tables co-exist. I
never do it, but I know many small users that do.

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