Subject Re: [firebird-support] Stored procedures and views
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Try calling a view with a where clause and, after that, execute the
same thing using the view select merged with your where. Compare the
plans. Also you can check the performance... if the where is being
merged, I think the performance should be *almost* the same.

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JP> This will be handy if this is the case, but how can one test this ? I cannot
JP> think of a why to test this out thus asking the list of they possible have a
JP> way to test if the where is merged into the view IF the view is not
JP> to complicated.

JP> Thanks in Advance

JP> Johannes

JP> At 13:20 13/07/2004, you wrote:

>>JP> Considering that the view first does the query and then the
>>JP> where passed will be implemented on the result . I need to ask the following.
>>I not sure if this is allways true. AFAIK in many cases the WHERE
>>clause will be "merged" in the view select. Dmitry told that to me
>>sometime ago.
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