Subject Blob Segment size and applications
Author Johannes Pretorius
Good day

I have read some documentation on Interbase and ran into this

//================== SNIP =============================
This setting specifies (to gpre) the maximum number of bytes that an application
is expected to write to any segment in the column. The default segment length is 80.

---> Normally, an application should not attempt to write segments larger than the segment
length defined in the table; doing so overflows the internal segment buffer, corrupting
memory in the process.

The segment length setting does not affect InterBase system performance. Choose the
segment length most convenient for the specific application. The largest possible segment
length is 32 kilobytes (32,767 bytes).
//================== END SNIP ===================

Now I have tried to search IBPhoenix about this and the Firebird mailing list, but I guess my
searching capabilities is not up to scratch as I wanted to see if this has been a issue for
users in the past and if this has been resolved in 1.5 of Firebird ??

Thanks in Advance



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