Subject Re: [firebird-support] Incremental key
Author Daniel L. Miller
Tiago GouvĂȘa de Oliveira wrote:

>Hi all !
>I'm trying to improve my sistems, and I've seen that incremental key fields
>is one of my dificults..
>1 - I need to show the number when the user click in "insert". ( 344)
>2 - The user can change this number
>3 - A second user will insert the next record before the first save. (345)
>4 - If the first user cancel the record, the next record need to be the same
>number of the first insert. (344)
>How can I do it better ?
>What the best way to control all it ?
What are you using the numbers for?
Why is it important to re-use a number - if the user can type in a
different number?
What error checking/range validation are you performing on the
user-entered number?