Subject Re: Multiple versions
Author Jonathan Neve
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:

>Alan McDonald wrote:
>>>When FB 2 gets released, will it be possible for it to run
>>>simultaneously with FB 1.5? Can two instances of FB 1.5 run
>>>simultaneously (on different ports of course)? If so, how will a client
>>>application be able to specify which fbclient.dll it wants to use? By
>>>giving the complete path?
>>>Jonathan Neve.
>>with this
>I think he is asking on how the client app you choose the right client
>If Windows load first the fb 1.5 client library, when you open another
>app that will conect to fb 2 server, will reuse the same loaded library,
>in this case fb 1.5 library.
I see. So even if they aren't in the same place, if the fbclient.dll is
already loaded, Windows won't load it again. Is that right.

>I think the solution is to rename the client library and keep it on your
>app directory.
And then, in Delphi, specify which dll to use.
However, why not have the installer do this automatically? When you
install FireBird, why not put it in a directory called something like
FB1.5, FB2, etc, and rename the dll automatically to fbclient1_5.dll,
fbclient2.dll, etc. Also, if the installer could check to see if the
default port is already used (I don't know if this is possible...), then
it could propose the next available port number (and the user could of
course change it). That way, installing a new version of FireBird
wouldn't require that you uninstall any of the old versions.

The main reason I'm interested in this, is so that I could have all
versions on my development machine, so that I can continue to use each
project with the version of Interbase currently being used. I would like
to be able to develop and test each project against the version of IB
that is being used for the production database. If we simply install FB
1.5 on our development machines, and test against that, we might find
that the application no longer works as expected when our customer uses
it against their IB 6 production database (I found an IB 5 bug this way
recently, that was corrected in IB 6 :-( ). So the best thing would be
if I could have all the versions installed and running at the same time,
and then in the connection parameters, specify the port and the client
library I want to use.


Jonathan Neve.

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