Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple versions
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Alan McDonald wrote:

>>When FB 2 gets released, will it be possible for it to run
>>simultaneously with FB 1.5? Can two instances of FB 1.5 run
>>simultaneously (on different ports of course)? If so, how will a client
>>application be able to specify which fbclient.dll it wants to use? By
>>giving the complete path?
>>Jonathan Neve.
>with this

I think he is asking on how the client app you choose the right client

If Windows load first the fb 1.5 client library, when you open another
app that will conect to fb 2 server, will reuse the same loaded library,
in this case fb 1.5 library.

I think the solution is to rename the client library and keep it on your
app directory.

see you !


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