Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Helens Book
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:44 AM 8/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Need this book now so hopefully APress will pull their finger out!!!


>Espescially as they have had us tantalised for months listing it as

"Forthcoming" in book terms means "someone is writing it but we haven't
printed it yet". A bit like saying "Our elephant is pregnant."

>And even say on site is published... It looks like August from the
>sites I have tried to get it from.

It's at the printer now, as I understand. So it's worth holding your
breath. :-)

>Agree though only order it through as it
>helps with the development effort.
>So close and yet so far

>--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...> wrote:
> >
> > I think Helen should be able to get that info, if the publisher knows
> > the date,

I think she should, as well. :-(

>otherwise it might be an estimated date.

Actually, Apress has a commitment to feature it at the Linuxworld
Conference in San Francisco, which is on August 2. So an August date for
publication would be too late.

>And, you can keep
> > an eye for it on Apress's website (

Look in "Forthcoming Titles". It moved up from number 51 to number 11 last
week, which is at least a straw to clutch at. When it tops right off the
list, expect a package. :-)

> >
> > Here's the direct link to the book's info:
> >

And note -- FINALLY -- the number of pages and the price on this listing
are now correct. A couple of weeks ago, right up at the wire, someone
counted the pages and the penny dropped that they had been promising an
800-page book for $49.99 all these months (It has 40 chapters, reduced from
41; and 12 Appendices, reduced from's never been likely to be 800
pages...) They decided to remove 200-odd pages and publish it without the
Appendices and the Glossary (this is all your reference stuff, dear
readers!!) They were going to let you download it as a PDF from their

This made me so unhappy that I quickly arranged to have CDs made up, for
sale with the book as an optional extra. This made THEM so unhappy that
they decided to put the reference stuff back in and add $10 to the price.

Amazon and a lot of the other outlets are still 'way behind the ball
regarding price. The communication (or lack of it) between the publisher's
marketing people and their *market* is a source of great mystery to me.