Subject RE: [firebird-support] user connections
Author Alan McDonald
> I have an application running where there are multiple databases on
> a server, and several users are accessing the data via an
> application. However the sytem seems to slow down when more than 20
> users access it.
> 1. Can one user connection to a database have more than one
> application user access data simultaneously.

not sure what you mean exactly but if you have 20 remote PCs each connecting
to a server with one or more databases, they will each be connecting via AT
LEAST one connection each - there's no other way to do it.

> 2. Can one user connection be used to multiple database and have
> more than one application user access the data simultaneously.

No - each connection is made to one database - there are no components
around which do otherwise nor is there any API in teh server which will
permit it.

> 3. For every user should there be a seperate connection?

Yes - you will not find that it's been done otherewise.

> 4. Besides hardware configurations, what can one do to increase the
> speed of the database?
> Cas

Good indexes (I mean appropriate indexes)
There should be no problems having 20-40 users connected to the same server
box unless your processes are very heavy.