Subject Re: [firebird-support] Beginner's questions - no. 1 - installation
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Subject: [firebird-support] Beginner's questions - no. 1 - installation

> Hi, I am completely new to firefox and have real difficulties with
> installation, work etc. I supposed to find a manual, but this did not
> explain what I need - or maybe I am just not aware of where to read.
> So maybe you can help me.
> I learnt programming with dbase III+ and then went ahead with dbase IV
> and my last approaches were MS-Access (now banned from my computer)
> A software producer I bought my book-keeping software from told me about
> Firebird and so here I am ... curious to know more and try it out.
> When starting installation with
> Firebird-
> There are several options to choose - but I cannot find any explanations
> on what to use - which options would be the best for me.
> I am working wint WinXP (hopefully one day I can leave win an pass to
> Linux ... but this depends on just one very important software).
> I tried to install with different options - always uninstalling it
> afterwards as I did not get any result.
> Shouldn't there be some kind of software opening after installation? I
> just get the info (through Task Manager) that the server app. is running.
> Or am I missing something obvious?
> Are there infos with screenshots somewhere on the web?
> Sorry for these very, very elementary questions, but I am wondering if
> something I am doing is wrong or if I don't consider everything I
> should. Maybe there's also some kind of mailing list that better suites
> my needs and where my questions considered as "normal" - as for sure
> some of you ... ehm ... sorry.

You can not compare Firebird with Access of Dbase III environments. Firebird
is a database engine, you need a client application to connect to Firebird
and use its power. Dbase and Access both have some form of App development
(Client) in them.

I do not know if there is something similar available for Firebird, but
personally I use Delphi (Borland) to write my client software. But also
Freepascal ( could be used for your client application.

Hope this helps