Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird Refusing connections
Author Maya McLeod
Yes, we have experienced it when connecting from a windows 98 machine (with an internet connection), to 2000 a machine that belongs to a domain.

(It take it you have checked the obvious already - namely a firewall)

If you ping the "MACHINE", the first time you may notice it returning an IP address of another machine on the internet. The 2nd attempt usually manages to find your own server, so don't be fooled by that!
This especially happens when you have given your server a common name, such as "server", or "brett", "joe", "bob", "allan", etc.

We now either use an IP address in the database connection string (in place of the server name), or use a fully qualified server name, such a ServerName.DomainName.Local.

It's probably also a sign that our network is not set up correctly, or the hosts file on the 98 machine is not correct, but one of the above methods prevents a recurrence of this problem.


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Subject: [firebird-support] Firebird Refusing connections

Has anyone experienced a problem where Firebird refuses new connections?
I have this sporadic problem where Firebird will not accept any new
connections for 1-3 minutes. Those minutes seem like a eternity when
business stops. The Firebird logs don't report any problems and nothing
is generated in the event viewer.

I am running Firebird 1.5 on a Windows 2000 Server (Cluster).

I appreciate any feedback. The error I have is the following: (names
have been altered)

Message: Database Connection Failure, DB: xxx.GDB.

Exception Error Message:
Unable to complete network request to host "MACHINE".
Failed to establish a connection.
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused

Thank you,

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