Subject Re: [firebird-support] (unknown)
Author Dan Wilson
On 7/6/2004 at 12:51 PM prairiedechien wrote:

> Hello,
> Simple question: is it possible to connect a Win32 Application to a
> Firebird 1.5 server "Super" on Linux? How?
> Thanks.
> Christophe

Yes, it is.
First, make sure the Windows computer can reach the linux computer (ping or telnet). You might have to add an entry in the windows localhost file, or modify the route table.
Once you have routing between the two machines, make sure the Linux host is accepting connections from that windows machine on the Firebird service port. The easiest way to do that is to telnet linuxaddress:3050. If you get a connection, you are all set.
How you proceed from here depends upon the toolset you are using to access Firebird under Windows. Some toolkits require you to provide a separate "server" parameter. In that case, simply use the name or IP address of the linux server. Others combine the server name with the database name. In that case, simply add the address to the name, as: "servername:c:\path\to\db.fdb". If you are using the aliases configuration file on the server, then you can simply use "servername:aliasname".