Subject Re: character sets problems and i18n
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Daniel, All,

Some days ago you wro

Daniel Albuschat wrote 2003-06-25:
> I'm quite upset about the handling of character
> sets in our current database
> Furthermore, I'd like to know your advice on how to handle the
> internationalisation of the database. I think utf-8 is the
> only way to go... there has been discussion about always using
> utf-16 in firebird, iirc. Anyone know if the idea has been
> accepted/declined?

By now you have solved your concrete problem (or switched the
DBMS), I assume.

But to answer the more general question, I've tried to put a
summary together:

The situation is "mixed". No really satisfying solution is
incluced in FB1.5 and the plans for FB2.0 are still plans.

Nevertheless, and especially with the FB1.5.1 point release,
there are usable solutions for all I18n needs.

Peter Jacobi