Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB 1.5.0 SS on Linux (Fedora Core 2)
Author Alan McDonald
> I downloaded FB SS for Linux and attempted to install
> it. The install failed, apparently because FB was built for
> 686-based platforms, and I am using an older AMD K6-2 CPU? Has
> anyone encountered this problem?
> To attempt to work around it, I downloaded FB sources, configured
> for SuperServer, then changed the gen/make.platform file,
> changing -mcpu=686 to -mcpu=586, and it is building as I write
> this. Am I completely off-base, or should this procedure
> generate an executable that I can use? Will a make install do
> everything for installation that the rpm would have done?
> Any other gotchas I should be aware of as I proceed?
> Thanks,
> Dan.

Use the tar ball instead - and run the INSTALL script
I had the same problem. The install script is fine. I don't understand the
architecture mimatch either and noone can tell me what it's about.
Use the NTPL builds as well... I haven;t tried to but I understand they are
better for RH9.