Subject Re: [firebird-support] Performance Question
Author Ivan Prenosil
> We are planning to move everyone from to 1.5 but we have some
> changes to do to allow this. Does anyone know if there was a bug in
> that was fixed in 1.0.3 that might fix my problem? I don't
> want to upgrade to 1.0.3 for nothing only to redo it again in a few
> months for 1.5.

This is from FB1.5 release notes (but it's not clear whether
it applies to FB1.5 only or to FB1.0.3 too):

Bugfixes and Additions since Release 1.0
(no #)
Possible referential integrity violation.
Vlad Horsun,D. Yemanov

(no #)
Possible index corruptions during garbage collection.
Vlad Horsun,D. Yemanov

Possible database corruption when you modify/delete the same record
in pre-trigger for which this trigger was called.
A. Peshkoff