Subject Re: [firebird-support] Who's using some GUID (Global Unique IDentifiers) in FB?
Author Brad Pepers
On April 7, 2004 09:28 am, Rafael Szuminski wrote:
> > Can you advise me about "Global Unique IDentifiers", which Udf to use
> > and is it really efficient ?
> I am using GUIDs as PK and FK in multiple apps. My GUIDs are generated on
> the client side and are stored in char(32) fields. Performance wise I could
> not measure any difference vs INT PK on a table with 100.000 rows.

Wouldn't it make sense to convert the GUID to/from base64 so you get 6 bits
per byte instead of 4 when using hex? That way your GUID's can be char(22)
instead of char(32) to hold 128 bits. It would save you ~1MB on the database
with 100,000 rows and more if you also have FK's.

Brad Pepers