Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird-W2003 Server and Antivirissoftware
Author Daniel Rail

At March 31, 2004, 12:38, gbehnke2000 wrote:

> i have a big discussion with my colleagues about necessity of the
> installation of a antivirus software (McAffee) on a dedicated FB
> Server.
> Nobody with the exception of the admins have directly access to the
> server respective the disk of the server (there is no filesharing
> possible)
> In my opinion in this case a Antivirus-software is'nt necessary and
> can move down the performance of the database.
> Is that right or not ?

You can have the anti-virus running on that system. But make sure that
it doesn't scan the database files, otherwise the performance will
diminish up to 50% speed penalty and it was also relative to the size
of the database file. There are good chances that the virus scanner
will read the whole file on every access, while FB doesn't, now
imagine that impact on a 100MB database file. To really prove this,
try it yourself and look at the difference in performance, but make
sure you have a good size database, since a small database will
probably hardly have a difference in performance.

> Some times ago i asked Paul Reeves about this an he agree with me.
> But what is your experience with that ?

See my note above.

> Another question is about Windows2003 Server. Has anywhere some
> special hints about Firebird 1.5 final and Windows2003 settings ?

Are you having problems? The only performance problem is related to
Win2003 disk shadowing, simply deactivate it.

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