Subject RE: [firebird-support] how could I resolve this problem
Author Luis Alberto Villarreal Ontiveros
Luis, como identificas que se trata del mismo producto entre estas
listas de precios?
Por lo que comentas en tu correo no existe esa relación o si?

Luis Villarreal

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From: Luis Adrián Amato [mailto:amatoluis@...]
Sent: Lunes, 29 de Marzo de 2004 08:18 a.m.
Subject: [firebird-support] how could I resolve this problem

I have to import various price list from diferents places (xls) wich
have diferent description referencing to the same product, for example

suplier A list
hd 40 gb U$S 50

suplier B list
Hard Disk 40gb U$S 51

and so on .....

Database example
Products : {Id_prod, description}
Customer : {id_sup, description, location }
ProdCust: { id_prod, id_sup , price, date}

I must build a proces that could permit me to update the price list
automatically. I dont know which way take, someone with more experience
than me,
could anybody Help me .... please ...

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