Subject Re: Moving from Paradox/DBase to Firebird
Author Antony Masefield
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 11:31 AM 29/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >On moving from Delphi/BDE through to Firebird (1.5), is it advisable to
> >first start with the packaged Interbase (I use D5 Pro) which has good
> >accompanying (or otherwise available) documentation?
> No. The IB with D5 is the *very* buggy v.5.5.
> >Are they sufficiently comparable or will it confuse the issue (and me)?
> Just treat it like InterBase 6.
> >The reason I ask is that there is no manual
> Use the IB 6.0 beta manual + Firebird release notes, and you have it
> >(other than IBPheonix and I
> >don't see the reasoning behind using an opensource product but
having to
> >purchase a manual for it - seems a bit paradoxical
> I see - so you think that people should spend months writing free
> for you? Even though you don't pay a thing for the software? Who
are these
> people?
As I said I find its a paradox. Like being offered a free Fosters or
Tooies and having your hands bound and mouth gagged. I don't have a
problem with people writing books/manuals etc and making money from
them (there is enough around). My comment was really that finding the
information is not straightforward - the same comments have been made
in other forums by other people as regards Firebird. The information
you have provided (which I thank you for) is really most of what I
needed to know and in a few short paragraphs is enough of a "getting
started guide" to suffice for most.

> >) for Firebird and
> >the IBP "Getting Started Guide" is very much tailored towards there on
> >product (as expected - no complaints).
> "There (sic) own product?" What product would that be? Actually, the
> Quick Start Guide is for Fb. 1.0, awaiting an update. It, plus the
Fb 1.5
> release notes, should get you going.
I was refering to the IBP disk to which frequent reference is made in
the guide. When I get up to speed then maybe, provided I have the
time, I will write a small guide of my own for others in the same
predicament as I.

> >Secondly, where can I find any information on the Firebird "Embedded"
> >server - which is my primary development target at this stage?
> Release notes. And those ARE free like free beer.
Hope they digest as well!

> >Lastly, can anyone suggest a good book to take one from beginner to
> >intermediate status for multitier systems - e.g. server setup-up,
> >nomenclature etc.
> Server setup-up - right here, for now; also the Installation Notes
> sections of the Releasenotes should help. If you're on Windows,
look for
> A. Tabakov's recent Howto, in the Files section of this list.
> But terminology you can google pretty easily.
> is a good place for a SQL beginner to go.
> Here's a reasonable glossary site:
> And *use* the knowledgebase at No fees, no
> subscriptions, all the beer you can drink.
Have been there, downloaded and currently diseminating.
> /hb