Subject Re: Which character set for the UK?
Author peter_jacobi.rm
--- In, "tickerboo2002" wrote:
> To eliminate my app, I've used using Database Workbench and I can look
> at the database properties which gives:
> Character Set: ISO8859_1
> ODS Version: 10.1
> Version: WI-V6.3.0.4290 Firebird 1.5
> Creating a simple table with an integer ID and a varchar field (len16,
> Charset ISO8859_1, Collation ISO8859_1 ), I then execute:
> insert into TestTable( TT_ID, TT_NOTES) values(100, '£')
> and I then get the above error.

This shows only that the character set in the DB files is
set correctly. In addition you have to set the character set
for the communication between database and client.

As Helen has already pointed, every graphical client should have its
own equivalent of "set names ISO8859_1" somewhere. (Some
graphical clients also have their own equivalent of "chcp 28591",
which is really bizarre and can only be explained by feature
requests from masochistic users).

Also (but better for a test only) you can always enforce
the character sets of constants by the syntax _ISO8859_1'£'.

Peter Jacobi