Subject Re: 'Strange' Where / Blob problem
Author Andrew Neillans
> So CONTAINING, STARTING WITH and LIKE can all be used with text
blobs --
> provided you can construct a search string that is capable of
returning a
> result. Equality searches can't.

Many thanks :)

> You could try an external function. FreeUDFLib has f_blobSize and
> f_blobAsPChar which might help here.

Unfortunatly the main database resides on a Linux system, and there
does not appear to be a Linux port of FreeUDFLib.

> I'm curious about why you're using sub_type 2....what are you
storing in it?

The database was made a couple of years ago by another contract
programmer, and I am now trying to fix a few bugs in the original
application - and keep stumbling across strange structural oddities
in the database. If I recall, the sub_type 2 is meant for storing BLR
data, not string data (as it is currently being used).
Does this impact on the speed at all? As there are a number of string
holding blobs created as sub_type 2.. Is it safe to edit the sub_type
and change it to 1 ?