Subject Re: Suggestions wanted
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
> I think you'll need to answer more questions than that.


> Would the customer want to work with existing data? If yes, then how
> can you transfer that data if the connection is down? If it's new
> data only, then all you might have to worry about is those drop-down
> boxes that would be populated from the database(if your application
> have some).

Lets see.
We make a POS system (Point Of Sale).
So users sell things, which will be registrered in the DB.
And they do a lot of other things, but they are not important.
When connected they work on a DB with all features enabled.

My idea was to write a very small application, that can be run on a
local machine.
In this the customer can ONLY sell things. Nothing else.
They can not create, modify or delete anything.

Now when they comes online again, I would like to add some records to
the real DB and update some records.
Thats it.

So in short I have to write some data FROM the client to the real DB.

And every once in a while I have to read some data from the server,
and store them locally to use when offline. These information are
a "small" amount of data.

My first thought is to have my small appl. write a log file, which
the users have to type in themselves in the real system once online
again. But this opens up for errors !
I would rather have it to run without user interference.

So in short.
When offlin the CANNOT create or delete anything.
They can only sell stuff.

Once online again I would like to register what they have sold.