Subject RE: [firebird-support] Lock manager out of room - isc4.gdb
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> Just got this today on a 1.03SS install on a RH box.
> If anybody could point me in the right direction for information on
> this, I would appreciate it.

Try to increase V4_LOCK_MEM_SIZE in isc_config.

Open isc_config located in the Firebird root directory.
Remove the leading # for V4_LOCK_MEM_SIZE and change its
value to e.g. 198304.

Restart the Firebird server. This might help.

A bit more information about this parameter can be found

> I will be honest: I am not always sure where to look for information
> on errors that come up in the interbase.log file. Is there one spot
> where all these errors are listed?

Don't know, but you might give the different Search facilities
at a try. Have a look at the left navigation
in the section "Search".

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