Subject Re: [firebird-support] Nested transaction and prepare ??
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
On 24 Mar 2004 at 22:42, benedicte_asselin wrote:

>I would like to realize numerous requests on a Firebird database.
>Each request may be repeated a great deal of times, so I'd like to
>use the isc_dsql_prepare() function, however it needs
>a "transaction" handle to work.

Do you know that Firebird allows muliple concurrent transactions
inside one connection?

>In ADO I can prepare a statement then feed it and execute it in the
>context of a given transaction (chosen only at execution time). Is
>it possible to do so with Firebird ?

Yes. Prepared statement can overlive the transaction where it has
been prepared. But this is not safe if you frequently change

SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.