Subject Re: Select * from where 0=1
Author johnsparrowuk
Not sure I agree - the query obviously has it's uses, as the
original posted mentioned (he wasn't just being perverse!).

One weakness of Firebird (at the moment) is it's relative
intolerance of 'silly sql'. Of course, there are always techniques
to code-around these problems (and if you're experienced with FB you
will know them), but I think it may discourage new users of FB.

I'm not overly fond of SQL Server 2000, but in years of using it
I've never experienced an error-free query that didn't work (yeah,
ok I'm sure there are lots, but *I* havent found any!). On FB I can
bump into error-free queries that don't work every few days. I can
always find a work-around, but that's not the point.

Just like to stress, I'm not critizising FB or the developers here.
I know everyone's doing their best, and we don't have the resources
MS have for their products.

I am just suggesting that to be successful in the open source
database arena, FB should be as tolerent as possible of 'silly sql'.
Because lots of users won't be experts: they'll be people straight
from MS Access or MySQL, who wouldn't know transaction isolation if
it bit their head off.


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<m.tonies@u...> wrote:
> I think another reason why the optimizer doesn't recognize this
> as a "silly case", is that is was expected that developers would
> write meaningful SQL :-)