Subject Re: Inserting CR/LF to a string using ISQL
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi David,

--- In, "diwic2" wrote:
> How do I insert linebreaks into a string with ISQL?
> I'm looking for something like this:
> insert into foo (test) values ("Hello"+#13#10+"world")

If you dare the search through the group's archive, you will
find earlier discussions on this.

Let me try to give a summary:

1. Whereas there is a character escaping mechanism in SQL2003,
it is not yet implemented in Firebird.

2. You can use an UDF "chr" to get these characters

3. You can use a specialised character set for doing this
conversion, see my example LIKEJAVA included in plcolkit:

> Is it
> also possible to insert binary fields into varchars and blobs, encoded
> into hex, base64 or something similar?

Once you have your binary data converted to textual data using
hex, base64 or whatever, you can of course put it into any text field.

But you can also use the special character set BINARY to put it
directly into the database.

Peter Jacobi