Subject Re: Compiling stored procedures on FB 1.5
Author qubeczek
--- In, "qubeczek" <kubeczek@p...>
> I've noticed something horrible: under FB 1.5 my procedures compile
> very, very longer then on FB 1.0. !
> For example, if it takes 3 sec on FB 1.0, now it takes somethnig
> abount 90 secs !!!
> I noticed, then during comiling SP procesor utilization is abount
> %.
I've noticed, that procedures that involve another procedures
compile so long - procedures without executing another procedures
inside compile very quickly.
I can undestend, that in one procedure a few seconds doesn't matter.
But in my database there is over 600 procedures. When I was trying to
restore database with gbak, I had to give up. On FB 1.0.3 it takes 3
minutes, on FB 1.5 after 40 minutes a restarted the server.

The situation is the same on Win XP, Linux Debian, Atlhlon 2.0 512 MB

Does anybody has any idea, how to corrent this ?
DIf you didn't notice slower procedure compiling onder FB 1.5,
please, tell me - maybe I'm doing something wrong with configuration
of server or with maybe there is someting in construction of SP that
make the compilation so slowly.

Best regards