Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database model tool (UML)
Author Bob Murdoch
At 3/23/2004 11:46 AM, you wrote:

>For larger project we will need to create UML diagrams including data
>model diagrams (however, we use FireBird as database server) and I'm
>looking for any useful UML tool, which will be capable of importing
>actual database structure (including metadata and descriptions) and
>synchronize on changes (changes will be probably made in db first).
>1) Does anyone use such a tool with FireBird and can advise or
>2) does exist any (mature) database modeling tool in which I can
>import database structure from FireBird database and export it in XML?

You might try Powerdesigner from Sybase. It will do a decent job of
reverse engineering, at least tables/pk's/fk's, not sure about triggers/sp's.

If you go that route, I've got a customized dbms defnition for IB/FB that
I'd be happy to share.

Bob M..