Subject Re: Long running transactions...
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Jonathan Neve <jonathan@m...>
> Hi!
> I've read that IB 7.1 has now eliminated the problem of long-running
> transactions. Is something like this going to be implemented in
> as well?

Jonathan, if you mean Bill Todd's article about FIBPlus, this is
marketing trick, no more. He means there that read_commited read only
transactions are started in commited state and don't prevent garbage
collection. It was implemented in IB in version 6.5, (in FB BEFORE
IB6.5 release). In fact Bill says there that FIBPlus, in contrast to
IBX, allows to use this feature in their analogue of TIBDataSet
assigning to SelectSQL such a transaction and different transactions
to modifying ...SQLs (I beleive IBO have similar technigue too). But
Bill builds phrase to make impression this is new IB feature too, it
is called "marketing" - buy IB7, people ;)

Best regards,