Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird Book
Author Paul Beach
<<I believe, and I may well be wrong, that IBPhoenix contributes a portion
of everything they collect from all money-yielding transactions to the
Firebird project. It is my assumption that is why there is a different
price there, but I do not know that for a fact.>>

1. The price that IBPhoenix is quoting is the list price given to us by
APress for sale of the book in UK ?
2. We have to sell the book in ?UK because we process CC's in ?UK
3. Anybody who sells the book in any sort of volume will get a price for the
book from APress, that price will be cheaper than the list price.
4. Its entirely possible for Amazon to discount the price of the book for
retail sale, based on the discount they get from Apress when they buy in

Now taking all of that into account, one thing IBPhoenix does that Amazon
doesn't do is support the Firebird project, for example IBPhoenix
currently looks after a number of people who contribute directly to the
Firebird project, including myself, so any money we make on the book is
going directly back into the Firebird project in all manner of ways, too
numerous to count.

Money paid to Amazon for the book goes into Jeff Bezo's pocket.

Any of you who have pre-ordered the book from IBPhoenix, will not have their
Credit Cards debited for the book until the book is available and shipping.
The date for availability of the book is currently mid May. Unfortunately
this is after the Firebird conference in Fulda.

Does this clarify things?