Subject Re: [firebird-support] Garbage clean
Author Doru Constantin
Ann W. Harrison wrote:

> At 04:43 AM 3/21/2004, Doru Constantin wrote:
> >How:
> >
> >[code]
> > select count(*) from table_where_the_rows_was_deleted
> >[/code]
> >
> >can clean the garbage ?
> In a multi-versioning concurrency model, old versions of records must be
> kept until the end of the last transaction that was running before the
> update or delete was committed. Once that happens, the next transaction
> that encounters the deleted record will remove it.
> Count (*) visits all the records in a table, so running it after the
> deletion is committed and all other concurrent transaction have exited
> causes the garbage collection.
> Regards,
> Ann

This is a verry clean and easy to digest answer.
Thank you Ann.


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