Subject firebird security.fdb
Author Alan McDonald
Couple of questions.
1. I notice that the new security.fdb file is now dialect 3.
Is this the reason it is now a minimum of about 3 times the size of the old
dialect 1 database (at least as a starter size)? I have minimal users in
mine and the D1 version is 260K and the D3 version is 640K.

2. Is this wise? where I have constant connection/disconnect cycles in the
web environment isn't small better? Is it OK if I revert to D1 for my
database? to keep it small?

3. I notice the Mr ODONOHUE is listed in system tables user_privleges of my
security database as a user and grantor! Is this by design or error? OR
could this be a left over from previous RC's? Hopefully this does not
introduce a backdoor?